Josh Brown

Josh Brown Design is a full scale Interior Design firm located in Los Angeles, California.

Josh Brown, the principal of Josh Brown Design, is an Interior Designer who has a passion for creating stylish, organic and contemporary spaces that are truly stunning.

A California native, Josh was raised by the beach just north of Malibu where his parents founded their residential development firm.  This early foundation in California living and building informs Josh's unique aesthetic, mixing modern and primitive interior design components against simple clean lines.  Josh Brown's interiors capture twenty-first century California living in a way that rejuvenates, inspires and encompasses the essence of luxury.

To exceed his high standards and those of his exclusive clientele, Josh has been known to design custom furnishings, amenities and fixtures ensuring that no detail is overlooked.  

Inspired by travel to exotic locations in search of the perfect element to finish a room, Josh has cultivated a refined style that melds culture, art, and textiles in a worldly and yet inviting way.